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Benefits of Occupational Medicine

After a work-related injury, Doctors Care provides your injured employee with the medical care and return-to-work program they need to ensure a safe, quick recovery. Doctors Care has been treating work-related injuries for more than 36 years. Today, we provide injury care for employees in 37 of the 46 South Carolina Counties and are constantly expanding. We work with employers to make it easy for you and your employees to navigate the workers’ compensation process with minimal business interruption.

Less Downtime

Less interruption to your business, less employee downtime, less money spent on temporary employee replacements, and faster return to work.

Facts and Figures

Doctors Care is proud to claim a 98% return to work recommendation rate. Our clinicians utilize our in-network team of specialists and physical therapists who are focused on speeding healing and reducing downtime.

Guide to OSHA Recordability

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Fast & Safe Return to Work

Doctors Care providers treat injured employees like industrial athletes, helping them get back on the job—and in the game—as soon as it’s safe. Our teams educate employees about the need to return to work and the psychological and social challenges that may be delaying recovery. This open dialog belays employee fears and aids in them completing their treatment plans.