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Physical exams

Respirator Physicals

Many jobs require employees to wear a respirator as a standard safety practice. This requirement helps to protect your employees against inhalation hazards such as dust and other particulates. Respirators help keep employees safe on the job. Unfortunately, due to some medical conditions, not everyone can wear a respirator. Respirator physicals will not only clear you employees for the wear of a respirator but, will also identify those who cannot.

Respirator Physical Questionnaire Form

Respirator Fit Tests

Respirator physicals are often combined with a respirator fit test. Respirator fit tests are required for all tight-fitting respirators, including both supplied-air respirators and air-purifying respirators. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires fit testing before first use, if there are changes to use, and annual evaluations. There are two methods of fit testing: qualitative fit testing and quantitative fit testing. Qualitative fit testing is the most common method and Doctors Care provides these both on-site and within our 54 centers.