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Doctors Care has been providing Occupational Medicine support to employers for nearly four decades now. We focus on helping the employer save expense through efficient scheduling and on-site exam support, driving productivity and convenience for both employer and employee. We also provide convenient locations and schedules with our freestanding centers where on-site occupational support is not feasible. From pre-employment screening and physicals to compliance physicals (DOT, OSHA) to regulatory drug and toxin screenings, we focus on the health of your employees and helping you remain in accordance with regulations.

We also provide convenient time savers and other features for your employees — like onsite flu clinics, vaccinations, hepatitis B shots, and other needs. Integrating our occupational medicine with our on-site medical center model delivers even greater cost savings and increases in productivity. Doctors Care serves the occupational medical needs of more than 2,500 employers in South Carolina today.


  • 54 Center locations across South Carolina
  • Extended hours, including evenings and weekends
  • Staffed by occupational medicine specialists who genuinely care about the workers they serve.
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We are fully equipped to perform a wide range of services. We can customize a service package to suit your company’s specific needs.

Occupational Health Services

  • Onsite or Near-Site medical centers
  • Virtual Onsite clinic using telemedicine
  • Streamlined check-in options
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Compliance physicals (such as DOT physicals)
  • Vaccinations (Hep B, PPD, Tetanus, Flu, TDAP, etc.)
  • Respiratory clearance physicals
  • Drug and alcohol screens
  • On-site services
  • Work-related injury care and return to work programs
  • X-ray and lab testing
  • Management of random drug screens
  • OSHA (CAOHC) Hearing screenings
  • Biometric screenings

General Health Services

  • Primary Care (physicals, blood work, colds/strep/flu, vaccinations)
  • Urgent Care and surgical procedures (acute illness, sprains and fractures, lacerations)
  • Workers’ Compensation return-to-work

Diagnostic Capabilities

  • High-res digital X-ray
  • Lab services
  • EKG
  • Spirometry
  • Visual and audiometry testing
  • Drug screening
  • Breath alcohol testing